BB-2/SS , BB-2/SS Stainless Steel 2" tape Case Sealer

Item Name BB-2/SS Stainless Steel 2" tape Case Sealer
Min. Box Length 4.5 in
Min. Box Width 4.5 in
Min. Box Depth 3.5 in
Max. Box Length Inf.
Max. Box Width 22.5 in
Max. Box Depth 25.5 in
  • Plug-in operation
  • Fast and easy box size changes
  • Adjustable leg extensions
  • Perfect for ink-jet printers where coding is required at the bottom of the boxes
  • Instantly interchangeable and removable tape cartridges
Accessories Easy-Taper Tapehead®
Front L-Clip Tapehead
Top Squeezers (Stainless Steel)
Pack-Table (Basic)
Pack-Table (Stainless Steel)
Edge-Taper® Cartridge

For taping tops and bottoms of uniform size boxes in wet environments.

The BB/SS Series has the same capabilities as the BB Series, but is available in stainless steel (including optional stainless steel tapeheads) with NEMA 4 motor and electrics to operate in severe washdown conditions.

Prices are subject to change