D-53LB , D-53 Series - Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine Low Body

Width 57 3/16 in 1453 mm
Depth 21 3/4 in 556 mm
Height 24 7/8 in 630 mm
Table Height 13 3/8 in 340 mm
Weight 55 kg 121 lb
Strap Width 3/8 in (6 mm)
1/2 in (9 mm)
5/8 in (15.5 mm)
1/4 in (5 mm)
Certification CE-Certified.jpg
Voltage 100
Phase Single Phase
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Rating 0.4 kV·A
Packaging Size Width 4 15/16 in 100 mm
Packaging Size Height 2 1/4 in 30 mm
  • Variable and Consistent Tension
    Stabilized Tensioning that is controlled with a microprocessor can easily be adjusted from 2kgf to 50kgf (4.4 lbs. to 110 lbs.) with a single dial. Tension is applied with a newly developed Steel Roller. In addition, the maximum Tension Range can be limited in order to prevent a damage of valuable package.

  • Seal Prolongation
    Longer sealing time (plus 0.5 sec) for Heavy strap can easily be applied.

  • Desk-like Body
    It provides a broad workspace and maximum foot room.

  • Small & Functional
    Sealing head is located in the right side of the body in order to utilize the working surface of the tabletop. Machine body is small and light, easy to maneuver, yet strong and sturdy for heavy packages.

  • Quick Heater
    Only requlres 30 seconds to reach operating temperature.

  • High Speed Cycle
    Cycle starts immediately after the strap is inserted into the Band Guide and completes the cycle faster than ever.

  • Strap Size
    This model can be used with strap width ranging from 5mm (1/4 in.) to 15.5 mm (5/8 in.)

    Prices are subject to change