FPS-800, Fox FPS-800 Rotary arm wrapper

Arm Drive Speed 0-15 RPM
Variable Speed Drive 1/2 HP SCR
Power Requirement 115 VAC at 15 Amps, 60 Hz
Construction Heavy Duty Structural Steel Tube
Length 50 in
Width 50 in
Height 80 in
Weight Unlimited
Features Control Features
  • Programmable Key Pad Controls
  • LCD Display Screen (providing function control viewing)
  • Variable Turntable Speed 0-15 RPM
  • Variable Film Carriage Speed Up/Down Control
  • Seperate Top/Bottom Wrap Selectors 1-9
  • Seperate Film Height Selector 1-9"
  • Plush Mounted Control Panel (built into tower)
  • Cycle Counter
  • Manual Carriage Raise/Lower Control
  • Turntable Jog with Auto Home Alignment
  • Large Emergemy push button power On/Off Switch with indicator light
  • Start Cycle Push Button
  • Standard Wrap Up/Down Program
  • 12 Volt DC Control System (for operator safety)
  • All circuits protected by fuses (easy access)
  • 20 amp Power Board Circuits to carry a 10 amp load
Turntable Drive
  • Positive home alignment and counter
  • 0- 15 RPM turntable speed
  • 1/2 HP SCR variable speed drive
  • Adjustable electronic soft Start/Stop
Structural Features
  • Heavy Duty 3/8" turntable plate
  • Fork Lift portable from rear
  • Formed Steel Tower
  • 5/16" thick base plate
  • Three 3/8" thick support rings
Carriage Lift
  • Ultra Wear slide supports
  • Heavy duty ANSI #50 Chain Carriage Lift
  • 1/2 HP DC SCR variable speed drive
  • Carriage Chain fully guarded
Film Delivery
  • FOX "Linear" 20 inch powered pre-stretch film delivery system
  • Easy thread film carriage
  • No hinges, latches or idler rollers to wear and cause inconsistent film stretching
  • Electronic film force control on film carriage
  • Adjustable mechanical force to load
  • Sensor switch film feed speed control
  • 1/2 HP DC SCR variable speed film drive
  • Pre-stretch 50-300% upon request (200% standard settings)
  • Triple beam auto height eye capable of recognizing all colors including black
Technical Information
  • 15 Precision Ring Gear - 25000 lb. load supporting capacity
  • Pinion drive gear
  • Heavy Duty structural steel tube construction
  • All switches, relays, and SCR controls etc. are available locally throughout North America
  • Complete manual with electrical schematic provided with machine
Options Automatic end of cycle film Cut-Off
Rotary Arm main frame increase
Height Increase
Free Standing Style
Gantry stand with 3 or 4 legs
Prices are subject to change