HDX-250 , Heavy Duty L-sealer/shrink tunnel combo

Tunnel Chamber Width 14 1/2 in 37 cm
Tunnel Chamber Height 8 in 15 cm
Tunnel Chamber Length 21 in 53 cm
Overall Width 29 in 74 cm
Overall Height 57 in 145 cm
Overall Length 76 in 193 cm
Voltage 220 V
Current Rating 25 A
Phase Single Phase Circuit with Ground
Film Capacity (Width) 20 in 51 cm
L-Bar Seal Width 15 in 38 cm
L-Bar Seal Length 20 in 51 cm
Working Height 37 in 94 cm
Wattage Tunnel: 3600 W
Conveyor Belt: 500 W
Tunnel Converyor Speed 0-20 Feet per Minute
0-6 meters/minute
Weight 284 kg 625 lb
Warranty Two Years
Options Hot Knife($1235.00)
Adjustable Hot Hole Punch with Articulated Arm($290.00)
Corrugated Loading Tray($145.00)
Left Handed Reverse Flow($1025.00)
Stainless Steel Construction($1655.00)
Spare Parts Kit($205.00)
GTC-90 and GTC-180 Gravity Turn around Conveyors($1365.00)
24" Length by 15" Width Extended Sealing Area($675.00)
Ceramic Beaded Impulse System($305.00)
Dual Film Rack($360.00)
Powered Unwind with Perforating Roller and 6" Adjustable Inverting Head($2460.00)
Hot Hole Punch@ n/a)
Powered Lift/Posi-Trac Power take away Conveyor@ incl'd)
Air Activated Sealing Head@ n/a)
Powered Accumulators Tables@ n/a)
6" Film Seperator Rod@ n/a
  • Standard 208 - 240 Volt 23Amps Power Supply
  • Top Mounted, Easy Access UL Listed Control Panel
  • RS-5 Digital Controller for Easy System Setup and Operation with Built In Diagnostic and Alarms
  • Large 20" Length by 17" Width Sealing Area, Ideal for Printers
  • Cast Aluminum Seal Head with Film Clamps
  • Easily Adjustable Seal Alarm Height
  • Adjustable Seal Pads
  • Dual Magnets with Adjustable Dwell Time
  • Posi-Trac Power Take away Conveyor
  • Film Perforator with Individually Adjustable Collars
  • Adjustable Film Cradle
  • 8" High by 14-1/2" Wide Tunnel Opening
  • 5,060 Watt Tunnel
  • Adjustable Heat Tunnel Conveyor Belt for Bottom Shrink Control
  • Tunnel Heating Elements Guaranteed for Ten Years
  • Package Centering Lateral Tunnel Conveyor Alignment System
  • Smooth Product Transfer from Power take away to Tunnel with Single Hand Crank Height Adjustment
  • Built In Automatic Tunnel Cool Down
  • Heavy Duty Casters and Levers
  • Stainless Steel Model Available
  • Heavy Duty Construction throughout
  • Standard Impulse Seal with Optional Hot Knife

*Prices are subject to change