HDX-350 , Large Heavy Duty L-sealer/shrink tunnel combo

Film Capacity (Width) 24 in 61 cm
L-Bar Seal Area 20" W x 20" L
51 cm W x 51 cm L
Tunnel Chamber Width 21.5 in 55 cm
Tunnel Chamber Height 8 in 20 cm
Tunnel Chamber Length 28 in 71 cm
L-Bar Seal Width 20 in 51 cm
L-Bar Seal Length 20 in 51 cm
Overall Width 38 in 97 cm
Overall Height 57 in 145 cm
Overall Length 83 in 211 cm
Working Height 38 in 97 cm
Wattage 6000 W
Tunnel Converyor Speed LDR: 0-35/70 ft./min.
TMB/SWB: 0-30 ft./min.
Weight 363 kg 800 lb
Warranty Two Years
Voltage 208/220 V
Current Rating 25 A
Phase Single Phase Circuit with Ground
Options Hot Knife
12" High Shrink Tunnel Opening
Hot Hole Punch
Powered Lift/Posi-Trac Power take away Conveyor
Adjustable Hot Hole Punch with Articulated Arm
Corrugated Loading Tray
Left Handed Reverse Flow
Stainless Steel Construction
Ceramic Bead Impulse Seal System
Spare Parts Kit
Air Activated Sealing Head
Powered Film Unwind with Perforating Roller and 6" Adjustable Inverting Head
GTC-90 and GTC-180 Gravity Turn around Conveyors
Powered Accumulators Tables
High Density Live/Dead Roller Spacing
  • Standard 208 - 240 Volt, 60Amps Power Supply
  • Top Mounted, Easy Access UL Listed Control Panel
  • RS-5 Digital Controller for Easy System Setup and Operation with Built In Diagnostic and Alarms
  • Large 21" by 25" Sealing Area - Ideal for Printers
  • Cast Aluminum Seal Head with Film Clamps
  • Adjustable Seal Pads
  • Dual Magnets with Adjustable Dwell Time
  • Posi-Trac Power Take away Conveyor
  • Film Perforator with Individually Adjustable Collars
  • Adjustable Film Cradle
  • 20" Width by 12" Height Tunnel Opening
  • 13,200 Watt Tunnel with Bottom Air Flow
  • Tunnel Heating Elements Guaranteed for Ten Years
  • Tunnel Conveyor specify either Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, PTFE Teflon Mesh Tunnel Conveyor Belt
  • Package Centering Lateral Tunnel Conveyor Alignment System
  • Smooth Product Transfer from Power take away to Tunnel with Single Hand Crank Height Adjustment
  • Built In Automatic Tunnel Cool Down
  • Heavy Duty Casters and Levers
  • Stainless Steel Model Available
  • Heavy Duty Construction throughout
  • Standard Hot Knife sealing elements

*Prices are subject to change