MWS-M-24 , Magic Wands Portable Shrink Packaging System

Size 24 in
18 in
36 in
Wattage 1150 W
Working Height Table Top
Weight 3.17 kg
7 lb
Warranty Ninety Day on Parts
Voltage 115 V
Current Rating 10 A
Rotation 60 cycles
Phase Single Phase Circuit with Ground
Options 220 Volt Power Supply
HG-966 Hot Air Gun
HG-115V Hot Air Gun
HG-302A 220 Volt Heavy Duty Master Hot Air Gun
24" Sealing Block
MW Aluminum Table (28" D, 44" W, 29" H)
MW Aluminum Table (43" D, 44" W, 29" H)
Adjustable Height Legs for Table 29" to 38" Overall Height
24" Impulse Heat wand

The sealing wire remains heated as long as the button remains on. The wire is covered by a teflon fabric to facilitate sealing. The user must press the magic wand down on the sealing pad and depress the actuating button to cut and seal the film being used.
*Prices are subject to change