SB-2/4FC , SB-2/4FC Series Easy Taper/Easy Packer

Item Name SB-2/4FC Series Easy Taper/Easy Packer
Min. Box Length 4.5 in
Min. Box Width 4.5 in
Min. Box Depth 2 in
Max. Box Length 28
Max. Box Width 21 in
Max. Box Depth 25.5 in
Accessories Easy-Taper Tapehead®
Front L-Clip Tapehead
Top Squeezers (Stainless Steel)
Pack-Table (Basic)
Pack-Table (Stainless Steel)
Edge-Taper® Cartridge
Semi-automatic box erecting/case packing system folds and tapes tops and bottoms of uniform size boxes.

The EASY-TAPER/PACKER is a compact case erecting, packing and sealing station. This unit features operator-assisted top and bottom flap folding, which improves operator efficiency.

The EASY-TAPER/PACKER is supplied with extended side belts, flap closing bars and a 48" "anvil" packing station. Sequence of operations is as follows: Operator opens the case and manually folds the bottom front and rear "minor" flaps. Box is placed on the anvil to be filled.

Once filled, the operator pushes down and holds the trailing "minor" flap while presenting the box into the machine. The box is taped with either 2"wide tape.

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